Studio Apeiron deals with Design and Architecture, bases its research on the study of Natural systems: the shapes, the material and material characteristics, the generative processes that govern them, the harmonies and the balances of their relationships with the Environment.

All this is integrated both in the Design Architectural in order to create quality living spaces in strong correlation with the context that in a line of furnishings made up of unique or limited series pieces, customizable in materials and finishes. We offer complete renovation, new construction, interior design and planning services and supply of furniture, thanks to collaborations with specialized artisans.

We accompany you both during the creative design and implementation process bureaucracy relating to forms and building practices such as CILA, SCIA, Building permit to obtain maximum supervision of every part of the Work cycle


Brivio Dario
Visual Artist - Scultore
Cazzaniga Francesco
Baragiotta Riccardo
Vergani Federica
Fumitaka Kudo