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Canaletto Walnut

The American walnut, or canaletto, grows in North America, more precisely in the part in the north east, where are concentrated the areas of growth most famous for the quality of plants for furnishing. In the world, Canaletto wood is in great demand both as a board and as a veneer, for its aesthetic qualities, the canal is considered a precious wood. Thanks to its physical characteristics, such as elasticity and strength, make it a wood suitable for making interior design. Canaletto slices are brown in colour with dark brown veins, areas of grey-yellow sapwood can be seen along the bark, and canaletto slices are very common in the production of classic and modern furniture. Particularly frequent in the American walnut is the frisè and the "bird-packs" defects of the thickness of the nail which appear like dark stripes with a small central hole, these decrease the value of the plant.