It produces a hard wood, pleasantly veneered and with a characteristic color for the production of furniture, commercially known in Italy as National Walnut. Walnut is a vigorous tree characterized by a solid, tall, straight, and majestic trunk, and has robust initial taproots that at maturity branch out and come closer to the surface. It can reach a 30 meter height. Its leaves are deciduous, composed and alternated. It is a monoecious plant in which male flowers are assembled in 10-15 cm long pendulous catkins, with many stamens, which appear on the branches from the previous year before the leaves. Its female unisex flowers open from mixed gems after the male ones (proterandria), are single or assembled in groups of 2-3, rarely 4, and appear on the new shoots, at the same time as the leaves. The fruit is a drupe, composed of a fleshy and fibrous exocarp (husk), blackening at maturity and releasing the woody endocarp, i.e. the real walnut, consisting of two half shells that enclose the kernel with high lipid content.